This Company was incorporated in Ghana and commenced business the first time as a Small-Scale Gold Mining Venture in 1995, after which it acquired a 56.13sq kilometer Large-Scale Mining concession situated at Kibi in the Eastern Region part of Ghana within the Kibi-Winneba gold belt according to Ghana’s Geological Survey Map and as evidenced by an Agreement executed between the Government of the Republic of Ghana and company registered at the Land Registry as No.LVB 212/2003 and renewed by Minerals Commission letter dated 7th November 2005.
In this regard, we are in a position to supply gold dust (ALLUVIAL CONCENTRATE) to any prospective overseas buyer who in turn could play the role of Sponsor/Financier towards the exploration of the huge gold deposits discovered in our concession in line with the Minerals and Mining Law of Ghana (1986) PNDCL-153.
We are are looking for Gold Buyer that can buy Gold Dust and Bars.
1. PRODUCT- A.U Metal (Alluvial Gold Dust) in raw form

2. QUALITY- Not less than 23 carats with a minimum purity of 95% or better

3. QUANTITY- 100 available as at now and can supply 50kgs monthly thereafter.


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